Basement Wall & Ceiling Finishing, Painting, Decorating, Makeover, Redesign, Remodel & Renovation

Curragh Painting is a full service contracting company, supplying commercial businesses and residential homes in New York and New Jersey with a number of services. Since 2004, we have been completely licensed and insured to deliver professional, efficient, and affordable services to our appreciated customers. Curragh Painting specialists have advanced and ongoing training, years of valuable experience, and extraordinary skills. We take advantage of high-end products, equipment, supplies, and tools that are exclusively available to licensed professionals to ensure our appreciated customers receive nothing less than premium results. Our customers can expect from Curragh Painting friendly customer service, exceptional work ethics, amazing workmanship, and high moral standards that separate us from the competition. With Curragh Painting your projects will be completed far beyond your expectations.

Basement Makeovers on a Budget

Basements in your residential home in New York and in New Jersey can be used for far more than to affix your boiler. Your unfinished basement cans be made to become a livable space for an affordable cost than you may think. With the services we offer, your basement can become the basement you want! Curragh Paining services such as; drywall installation, replacement, or repairs, painting in its varieties, wallpapering, wainscoting, crown molding, baseboards, ceiling texturing, and more can make your basement a fun game room, and extra bedroom, or even a mini-apartment if you have the budget. No matter your intentions, Curragh Painting can do it all!

Basement Drywall Installation, Repair, Replacement & Finishing Services

Curragh Painting provides drywall services to the homes in New York and/or New Jersey for an assortment of reasons. One application could be for your basement. Whether you want to add walls, replace existing drywall that is excessively damaged or just in need of simple repairs, our skilled technicians can make the appropriate drywall services to enhance the basement and create the look you are trying to achieve, no matter if it’s a humble laundry room, a boiler area, or a livable space, Curragh Painting has you covered.

Painting Poured Concrete & Drywall Basement Walls & Ceilings

Curragh Painting painting services is plentiful. We offer painting design consulting services, painting application, faux painting, texture painting and more, to provide you with the paint job you desire for your New York/New Jersey basement. With so many current trends, traditional classics, or rustic pallets, your options are endless for your basement. If you are at a loss, our skilled consulting specialists can help determine what fits your style, find what better suits your needs and present a few solutions for your basement.

Basement Wallpaper Installation, Stripping & Removal Services

Curragh Painting wall covering services; wallpaper installation/removal or wainscoting for example can help enhance your New York or New Jersey basement and turn it into the perfect little cozy escape you had in mind. Our expert staff has the experience and talents to apply the wall covering service quickly and efficiently to meet your basement’s needs and to decorate it the way you so desire.

Basement Wall & Ceiling Finishing, Painting, Decorating, Makeover, Redesign, Remodel & Renovation Services in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Yonkers, Tarrytown, Bronxville & White Plains New York

No matter how you want your New York/New Jersey basement to look in the final stage, Curragh Painting can get you there with one or a combination of our services. Call Curragh Painting today to get started on your basement!