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Easy Faux Finish Textured Tuscan Style Wall Painting Effects & Paint Colors in Chappaqua, NY

Posted on October 20, 2017 by

For those who want an old fashion Tuscan look to your home there are few methods to achieve this classic look. One method is to use cheesecloth or rags to create the faux texture. All that is needed is the right choice of vibrant color, cheesecloth, a glaze and roller to create a Tuscan faux wall finish. Curragh Painting will share how you can achieve this awesome faux texture using this simple method.

How to Prepare Walls for Interior Painting

Prepare the room like any other painting project. Remove the furniture, face plates to outlets or light switch covers, and use masking tape around the edges you wish to protect from the paint. You will also want to lay plastic or canvas cloth to protect your floors.

Things I Need to Paint a Room Tuscan Style

For this method of applying a faux Tuscan finish to your walls you will want to have all of the tools, paint and glazes you will need to complete the project ready. Here is a list of tools and paint you will need to complete a Tuscan faux finish.
• Paint tray for each color, paint brush and rollers.
• Rubber or latex gloves, string sticks to help mix or blend the glazing recipes, and blue painter tape.
• Clear acrylic glaze, 2 colors of latex paint one for the base color and the other for the texture or pattern.
• A mixing bucket and, of course, a 2×2 square cheesecloth or rag for the texture.

Painting Base Coat & Topcoat

Start by rolling up to 1 or 2 coats if needed of the base or under color of the wall and let it dry. If you haven’t done so yet, take this time to mask off baseboards, trims and ceiling with the blue painter’s tape. With the base coat dry and painted, you can now mix together the topcoat. Depending on the type of glaze you’re using, the recipe may change. Most will use one part clear glaze to one part paint with one part water. Again, read the directions since some will vary.

Painting a Faux Finish Tuscan Glaze Effect

To create the faux finish, roll on the glaze coat in a blotchy pattern going up and down and side to side; don’t roll the glaze coat on evenly. When using the roller don’t over soak it with the glaze, this will help create the blotchy pattern. Only paint a 4×4 foot section at a time. Additionally, don’t overlap the edges either. Make sure you’re wearing gloves for this next step. Soak the cheesecloth in water and wring it out so that the cloth is damp and not dripping. With the cloth folded in fourths, dip it into the glaze mixture and squeeze it out. Unfold the cloth and then lay it out on the wall. Press the cloth with your hands to create a faux pattern on the wall. Continue to apply the cheese cloth in sections on the wall. Fold the cheesecloth and dab at the edge of the sections to help hide the fingerprints, or you can use the roller. To create a variety of shades, occasionally dip the cheese cloth in water and wring it out to change the tone of the color. This will help make a diverse look of the faux finish as well.

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If you want a professional to help you create a faux Tuscan finish, Curragh Painting can help. We have many services and have experience with faux finishes. If you don’t have the experience painting or applying faux finishes, contact Curragh Painting today!

Remedies for Mold Removal in Scarsdale, NY; Color Paint Matching, Replacing Moldy Drywall & More

Posted on October 16, 2017 by

Mold is the bane of the structures, home or business. It creeps in and by the time you identify the problem it is usually too late. Mold prefers humid and wet conditions to proliferate through carpet and infests the wallboard or sheetrock of the walls. It stains and discolors everything it touches, and it can be impregnated into very particles of the board itself.

Color Paint Matching

Paint ages, even paint from the same can will not match the existing wall. Paint is subject to oxygen and airborne pollutants, sun exposure and splashes and stains. Even if kept clean, the color will change, usually lightening in tone and becoming paler. If the color from the same paint can cannot match a wall it is sure that a new can of paint will subtly contrast with an existing paint job, even if it is the same mix as the pigments and carrier vary from batch to batch. Why we are talking about this, it will soon be made clear.

Should Moldy Drywall Be Replaced?

Moldy sheetrock with a deep impregnation will need to be replaced. Cut a couple of inches above the mold, inspect the edge to make sure that the mold hasn’t crept higher inside of the wallboard. Clean the edges, cut a patch and screw (best) or nail it in place. Tape it and create a smooth transition using joint compound (tapping mud) sand. As mentioned previously there is really no way to repaint the patched area without it standing out, you should paint the whole wall, corner to corner, top to bottom. This will make the repair and re-painting less noticeable. The wall texture needs to be duplicated as well. There are products that allow you to duplicate orange peel and knock down textures. This procedure applies to any wall repair, impact damage, popping nails and other blemished areas due to staining.

Wall & Ceiling Drywall Repairs

Repairs give you option to explore other design considerations, such as a contrasting color or other wall treatments like paper, wainscoting or paneling. Something to consider in Spanish influenced decorating is either a wall texture that mimics stucco, or have stucco work done inside. Only limited by budget and practicality there are numerous wall treatments and treatment combos.

Types of Mold

Molds come in different types. Black mold grows in areas where there is extensive or recurring water damage. Not toxic in of itself but may produce mycotoxins, and these can produce disease and death in animals and humans. Each species can produce multiple mycotoxins and multiple species can create the same toxins. Wear particulate masks and gloves and as you’re using bleach include eye protection. Down in the cool, moist surroundings of the basement, the most common invader is referred to as white mold. It can be confused with efflorescence, a mineral deposit. Spray with water and if it dissolves it’s a mineral, if not it is most likely white mold. The denizens of the bathroom may include blue mold. It grows with recurring moister caused by water vapor accompanying showering and bathing. Green mold thrives in the same places as blue mold does. You can remove it from tile and other surfaces with bleach. But if it has penetrated the wall covering and has impregnated the wall board, repairs maybe in order, as it will continually reoccur.

Drywall Repair & Replacement in Brooklyn, Yonkers, Bronxville, Rye, Larchmont, Scarsdale, Chappaqua, Glen Head, White Plains & Manhattan, New York

Mold is a common problem, especially in high humidity settings. Try to control moisture and condensation as much as possible. Fans in the bathroom help to evacuate the moisture laden air. Leaks should be repaired as these will only serve to aggravate the problem. Curragh Painting offers expert painting services. Contact Curragh Painting today.

How to Prep, Sand, Clean, Redo & Refinish Kitchen Cabinets With Stain or Paint in Larchmont, NY

Posted on October 12, 2017 by

One of the areas of a home that is often refinished first is the kitchen. There are some great reasons why this is the place to start. One is that this is a room that tends to make or break a sale. People want to see a kitchen that they love and they are able to overlook some of the other areas of concern. The kitchen is an area that people spend lots of time cooking and visiting, which means you want the space to be beautiful and inviting. There are some areas of the kitchen you can change or make changes to that make a huge impact. Flooring can be replaced, countertops can be switched out and of course the cabinets can be refinished. If you have good wood cabinets in your home and you are tired of the paint color or stain they currently are, you can change it without the cost and hassle of replacing them. Refinishing cabinets is a very intense process which is why using a professional is the best option!

Curragh Painting Lists the Steps Needed to Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets

Prep the Kitchen Cabinets: The first step once you have decided to refinish your cabinets and have chosen what color you want to paint or stain them is to prep them. This may seem simple but it actually takes quite a bit or work. You have to remove the cabinet doors from the cabinets and also take off all the hardware. This includes the hinges and door knobs. You also need to have a work space that is big enough to work on each part of the cabinet. The hardware should be kept in a safe place unless you plan on also replacing them at the same time.
Sand & Clean Kitchen Cabinets: The cabinets that are being used in your home have a paint or stain as well as a clear finish on them. If you want to change out the look and the color you need to remove what there is. The paint, stain and clear finish can be removed with sandpaper. You will have to put some hard work and elbow grease in to get it done. There are often beveled edges and crevices that take a thin piece to get all the way in. Once the cabinets have been sanded down to the bare wood you are ready to clean them off. You need to remove the sand and all the dust so that when you finish them off you have a clean surface.
Kitchen Cabinet Finish & Stain: This is the part you get to see the real transformation in the kitchen cabinets. You use the stain or the paint that you chose and cover all of the surfaces with an even coat. You then have to use a clear finish coat once it has had time to dry. After the finish coat dries you are ready to attach the hardware and rehang the cabinet doors.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Brooklyn, Yonkers, Bronxville, Rye, Larchmont, Scarsdale, Chappaqua, Glen Head, White Plains & Manhattan, New York

Curragh Painting offers kitchen cabinet refinishing services and much more. Contact us today to discuss your next project.

Need to Pressure Wash a Vinyl Siding, Brick or Other House in Rye, NY Before Painting

Posted on October 9, 2017 by

After a long hot summer, the cooler weather is a great relief for most people. The heat and sun along with lots of outdoor activities have brought on a ton of debris and dirt to your home. If you think that your homes exterior is starting to look a little dingy and dirty it is. The dirt and debris will start to cake on the sides of the house and unless it is cleaned off it will stay there. The dirt can actually cause damage to your home’s paint and siding or stucco. It would take you all day to come out and clean your homes exterior by hand and you probably wouldn’t be able to do a very good job. The best thing you can do is to have someone come pressure wash the exterior of your home.

Curragh Painting Lists Areas You Can Have Pressured Washed After the Long Summer Season

Pressure Wash House: One of the main areas that are a concern for people is the exterior of the house. Whether you have wood, siding or stucco, the dirt and debris that floats around will start to stick to it. Add that to the moisture from a humid day and it will start to cake on. The paint that is on the home is able to withstand quite a bit but if you allow dirt, calcium and other sediment to stay and build up it can start to wear out the paint. That is why this is a great place to have pressure washed. The amount of dirt that can be sticking to your homes exterior could shock you. When we come out we can use their specialized equipment to spray all the dirt off in sections. The removal of the dirt will not only increase the curb appeal of your home but increase the lifespan as well.
Power Wash Walkways: The other area that tends to suffer from the everyday life of a busy summer are your walkways. It seems like the kids come in and out of the house, ride their bikes and scooters on the walkways leaving dirt, debris and tracks on the concrete. The walkways are important to have cleared from the dirt so it is not an eyesore and is not a potential hazard. The hazards could also be spiders, insects and other pests hiding in the debris. You want to have this area cleared and cleaned by a pressure washer to start off the new fall season.
Cleaning Driveway: An area that you want to have pressure washed is the driveway. You are using it to drive your vehicle up and down and any drips from the car can leave spots on the drive. The drive is often the first thing that people see when they pull up so it is important to have it cleaned on a regular basis.

Pressure & Power Washing Services & More in Brooklyn, Yonkers, Tarrytown, Bronxville, Rye, Larchmont, Scarsdale, Chappaqua, Glen Head, White Plains & Manhattan, New York

Curragh Painting offers expert painting services. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

Decorating With Traditional Fall Paint Colors & Autumn Color Schemes in Rye Brook, NY

Posted on October 7, 2017 by

There are few things as breathtaking as the colors that the fall season has to offer. The red and gold hues that are painted throughout nature are a sight to behold. Incorporating these colors in your home can bring a rich beauty that is hard to find in other tones. Curragh Painting is here to talk about some of the beautiful hues that you may want to use in your home’s design.

Best Neutral Paint Colors

Neutral colors are a popular choice in many homes because of the freedom them give you in designing a space. This neutral palette is found throughout nature and most definitely during the fall season. Creams and taupes bring a freshness as well as the open feeling you are sure to find outdoors into your space. Neutral colors will also appeal to buyers if you are in the market to sell your home.

Golden Paint Tones

As temperatures start to change, you will find that several trees around you are suddenly sprinkled in golden tones. These inviting tones can offer the same inviting presence in your home. Using golden tones and coupling them with natural wood can really finish that fall coziness that you are looking for in your space.

Wine Red Paint Colors

One of fall’s signature colors, wine red is a bold choice. Rather than using it to paint the walls of your home, use this color in your accents for a splash of drama in your space. Place several red accents around the room to guide the line of vision and create flow in your design. You can do this with pillows, drapes, trinkets and more.

Rustic Brown Paint Color Schemes

There is something rustic about the colors fall has to offer. Natural wood and brown tones work to create a feeling of coziness. You can choose between thousands of brown shades for the paint colors in your room, or you can bring natural wood accents in as well to give it a comfortable and organic feeling.

Pumpkin & Burnt Orange Paint Colors

You may be thinking that there is no way you can incorporate pumpkin orange into your living space. When this bright and vibrant color that fall affords us is paired with the right finishes, it can add life into any room. Choosing neutral accents as well as finishes in your space with pumpkin orange livens up the space.

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No matter what color you choose for the walls in your home, the professionals at Curragh Painting offer superior residential and commercial painting services to help you create the perfect space. Our color consultants can help you choose the right hues to add just the right amount of drama that compliments the design you have chosen for your room. There is no doubt that the colors we choose to have in our home have a dramatic effect on the way we feel each day. We look forward to working with you to find just the right shades. Call us today!

Medieval Middle Ages Interior Design History, Elements & Characteristics in Port Chester, NY

Posted on October 3, 2017 by

When it comes to choosing a theme for your interior design of your home or business, there are a plethora of options. With so many selections, everyone can find something that draws them in. Between the different colors, textures, accessories, furnishings, and everything in between gives you an opportunity to pick your favorite theme but still customize your unique style. With that in mind, today Curragh Painting would like to discuss the basics of Medieval Interior Design.

Medieval Middle Ages History

Medieval Interior Design was inspired from the time between the 5th century and the 15th century and adopted the characteristics of the Middle Period of Europe. Merging from both Renaissance and the Age of Discovery, it embarked after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire the period began. Medieval Interior Design creates a dramatic look that represents charm, sophistication, and class as it recalls the grand stone castles and wooden dining halls of that era and combines it with modern grace.

Medieval Interior Design Characteristics

Paint Color: Medieval interior design colors are the rich and bolder colors such as deep reds, greens, and blues, as well as gold. Utilize these colors when it comes to painting, upholstery, and accessories. If you are hesitant to use the rich colors or are looking for softer accents, lighter tones such as dusky pinks, creams, pale blues and greens or even rust colors embody the medieval style and gives you the chance to optimize the colors you adore. If you prefer the use of wallpaper over paint, any of the colors mentioned are ideal but incorporate patters like the fleur-de-lis, tapestry-style of floral and foliage patterns, or like heraldic design work well with the medieval design.
Floors, Walls, and Structures: The walls, floors, and overall structure of the medieval interior design are often covered in limestone or granite. When these materials are not an option, consider faux painting techniques to capture the resemblance or even invest in laminate coverings. Dark wood, like oak for example, are another option to obtain the essence of the medieval design. Paneling can cover the walls, hardwood flooring for the floors and even installing wooden beams on the ceiling in your favorite dark chunk oaks or other such woods will amplify the look. If you do not prefer hardwood floors, other hard surface options such as stone, tile, or concrete floors are other options that still invoke the medieval design.
Fireplace or Stove: Fireplaces are an ideal focal point for medieval design. If you have the space and budgeting, a fireplace in the living area can help finish the medieval style and in the kitchen, the right stove can be useful as well.
Furniture: When selecting your furnishings, the medieval interior design makes use of the wooden framed with dark finishes, such as oak or reclaimed lumber. Indulging on iron, oxidized copper, or brass for the accent pieces such as chandeliers and other such accessories are ideal when creating the medieval interior design atmosphere.

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There are many services Curragh Painting can conduct on your home or business to help you achieve the medieval interior design. With our design specialists and artisans on your side, your own customized home or business can represent the medieval style. Call Curragh Painting today to schedule your consultation.

Exterior House Painting in the Fall Time in Harrison, NY; Cures for Paint Failure Problems

Posted on September 28, 2017 by

Depending on where you live it may not be the best idea to paint in the fall. It makes sense that it would be a great time to paint with the nice weather, lower temperatures and less humidity. These conditions make it comfortable for the painter, but not so comfortable for the paint. If you paint the exterior of your home under less than ideal conditions the paint may start to crack, peel and flake off within a year or two. The job will need to be done again sooner than anticipated, costing you more money.

Paint Failure Problems & Their Cure

The bottom line is that paint jobs fail before you would like it too in the drying and bonding of the paint. There are two things that happen during the process of drying and bonding. First, the latex or oil dries up as the paint dries. Second, there is a chemical reaction within the paint. For these processes to occur, a relatively warm environment is needed. If you read the information on a paint can you will find that it’s recommended not to apply it if temperatures are below 50 to 55 degrees. Fall days bring daytime temperatures in the 70’s during the day but may drop below 30 degrees overnight. The daytime temperature is ideal but as the temperatures lower, the paint is still going through the chemical reaction that is necessary for it to adhere correctly. It’s impossible for the paint to adhere correctly in the lower temperatures. If paint does not adhere correctly to the surface being painted, it will start to peel off in as little as a year or two. Fall may not be the best time to paint if your home has windows that need putty. Putty takes a long time to dry because a lot of it needs to be used to make it thick. You may have problems because it will not cure correctly in cooler temperatures. It will start to crack and you’ll need to remove it and replace it. To get a tight paint job that looks great you will need to use a lot of latex caulk which also needs warmer temperatures to dry and cure properly. Primers also need warmer temperatures to dry properly.

Fall Exterior House Painting Tips

If you really want to go ahead and paint in the fall there are some tips for more success. There are paints that you can purchase that allow for application in temperatures as low as 35 degrees F. A general rule of thumb for fall painting is to do it between 10:00 in the morning and 3:00 in the afternoon. If possible, start painting on the sunniest side of the house and follow the sun around your house. Lower temps mean slower drying and curing times so make sure you wait at least 24 hours in between coats. Be mindful of dew pits. The dew point is the temperature where the moisture will condense on the surface. Unless the surface temperature is at least 5 degrees higher than the dew point, you shouldn’t apply paint because you may have water spotting if dew forms on a painted surface that hasn’t cured correctly.

Exterior Painting & More in Brooklyn, Yonkers, Tarrytown,, Bronxville, Rye, Larchmont, Scarsdale, Chappaqua, Glen Head, White Plains & Manhattan, New York

Curragh Painting can determine if it’s a good time to paint the exterior of your home. Contact us today!

How to Remodel an Old House on a Tight Budget in Mamaroneck, NY; Where to Start Renovations

Posted on September 21, 2017 by

Everyone enjoys change to their home now and again, or even older homes experiencing the wear and tear of time require some kind of attention, and remodeling is the path many of the homeowners take. But when the idea is there to give a room, a few rooms, or even the whole house a face-lift, it can be difficult to do it on a budget. Curragh Painting would like to take the opportunity to share some tips and advice on how you can change the feel and design of a room with a limited budget.

Home Renovation in a Tight Budget

1) Tile. The trending tiles are typically the natural stone, but even some of the manmade stone tile can be pricy. When budgeting for the tile, consider only laying the tile down in the necessary areas where you need that high-impact protection, like on the floors and shower area. Consider your choices; there are many beautiful options with artistic tile and it can be affordable.
2) Paint. The most effective way to bring on change is through painting and it happens to be one of the more low-cost options. Changing a bathroom from white walls to adding creams, and pale accents will instantly transform the room. Keep in mind the smaller rooms will look more spacious with lighter colors and if the dark colors are appealing, use them as accents. Generally, a room can have a color scheme of 3 distinct colors: the primary color, the accent color, and trim work. Don’t be afraid to incorporate the colors with the interior designs you favor. Remember that when it comes to paint, the color isn’t all that matters, you can choose the different types of sheen; in the bathroom for example, select paint that is designed to resist mold and mildew. Using painting to alter the appearance of the room goes a long way.
3. Hardware and Fixtures. This suggestion can get expensive if you indulge in the high-end quality and such. But the details can significantly alter the overall look of any room. Light switch plates, outlet covers, towel racks, sink/shower/tub faucets, light fixtures, the handles on cabinets and drawers are all things you can upgrade to modernize any room in your home. If you decide to change the faucets or replace toilets and such, consider using energy efficiency and go green. Many of the latest technology enhanced fixtures can help you save money on power and/or water use. Or to save money on upgrading the fixtures and hardware, you can look into replacing them with upcycled selections. There are many resources you can find upcycled items from lampshades to accessories and so much more throughout the internet as well as find DYI projects to do it yourself.
4) Refresh Grout and Caulk. An often overlooked, yet essential detail is the grout and caulk. If the budget is low and changing the tile isn’t an option at this time, consider replacing the grout and caulk. These aspects are susceptible to getting dingy and grimy, particularly grout as it is very porous in nature. For a few dollars you can completely revitalize the tile by replacing the grout with fresh sparkling grout. Grout also comes in hundreds of colors, you can chose to stick with the original color or liven up the room simply by replacing the old grout with a new color.

Interior Painting & More in Brooklyn, Yonkers, Tarrytown, Bronxville, Rye, Larchmont, Scarsdale, Chappaqua, Glen Head, White Plains & Manhattan, New York

These are just a few ideas you can try to remodel any room in your home on a limited budget. With the help of Curragh Painting, we can help you along the way and perform many of the services to get your home the fresh new look you crave. Contact us today!

Can You Paint 2 Accent Walls in Mount Vernon, NY? Choosing & Painting an Accent Wall

Posted on September 21, 2017 by

When you are choosing to paint your home you need to start by deciding what color you want. Some people choose to go with the same color that is on the walls and just freshen it up which is great. When you paint your walls it is a good time to make other décor changes while you’re at it. The paint is only one aspect of your homes indoor décor. There are other ways to bump up the look and feel of the home with accent colors and other colored décor. If you want to make a change to your home it is a good idea to have a fully thought out plan and be sure that it will work in your space. Matching colors using accent paint colors throughout your house is not an easy task. If you do it wrong you might end up with a mess or at minimum colors that just seem to clash. There are some painting rules that you need to follow when you are choosing primary and accent colors and how you will be using them in the home.

Curragh Painting Lists Some Rules to Follow when Using Accent Paint Colors Throughout Your Home

How Many Paint Colors Should You Use in Your House Interior: Some people think if you want to make your home colorful you need to use a bunch of colors. The more color you use the more colorful the house will be. Although a huge array of colors will make the house look colorful it may not look appropriate for a home. Creating a fun and creative color pallet does not mean lots of colors but it does mean that the colors you do choose should accent one another. You can use two or three paint colors as an accent around the home and be sure that each of the colors is used throughout so that you can establish a consistent theme. That is why it is extremely important for you to choose a color that will work well in different types of rooms. You might want to have the theme go throughout the bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen. Be sure if you get a theme you choose one of the colors that will act as the base color. It can be the color that is used on the largest surface. The color can switch to one of the accent colors in another room as long as you continue to use the rest of the accent colors in the room.
How Often Do The Colors Need To Appear: If you are choosing to have a theme of colors around a particular room you need to use them all correctly. The main color will encompass a large area while the accent colors may be a little more subtle. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that each accent color is used a minimum if three times somewhere in the room. This will allow the room to flow as well as make sure that the colors are intended to be in the room. You can add this same color with pillows, art and other furniture.

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Curragh Painting offers expert painting services as well as color consultations and much more. Contact us today!

How Often Do Landlords Need to Paint a Rental in Glen Head, NY; Landlord Painting Requirements

Posted on September 16, 2017 by

There is a lot of upkeep when you are managing a rental property. Every now and then, the hard work pays off and you find those perfect tenants. One thing to consider when you are preparing a property for a new tenant is the paint. Is it your responsibility to paint the rental? Should you have the rental painted each time you get new tenants? These are all good questions. Curragh Painting is here to talk all about rental properties and how often they should be painted.

A Fresh Coat of Paint Appeals to New Tenants

Everyone likes their new home to feel fresh and new. There is no better way to achieve this goal than to have the interior of your rental painted. You will find that a fresh coat of paint appeals to almost anyone that takes a tour of your rental property. New paint takes away any dingy looking walls and replaces them with a smooth, crisp finish. You will get the most bang for your buck when you put your money towards a fresh coat of paint.

Do Landlords Have to Paint Between Tenants?

As long as your property is up to code and there aren’t any safety issues with your paint like lead, then you aren’t required to paint between every tenant. Most landlords only paint when they notice the property is looking old and worn to try and give it a facelift and better the chances of finding good tenants. That being said, there are several tenants that will pass on the property and look elsewhere for housing if they know the property hasn’t had a fresh coat of paint. You always want to check with the requirements for your area when getting a property ready for new tenants.

Choose Durable Paint for Rental Properties

When you choose the paint for your rental property, you want to choose high quality paint. If you choose cheap paint, you will likely get cheap results and end up painting more often. You will then lose any savings you made on the paint through frequency. You always get what you pay for, and it will be in your best interest to choose a high quality paint from the beginning for durability.

Partially Painting a Property

You may find that you don’t need to paint the entire property when your tenants move out. The high traffic areas might be the only areas that really need painting. In this case, you may want to save your money and do a partial paint job of the property.

Commercial & Residential Painting & More in Brooklyn, Yonkers, Bronxville, Rye, Larchmont, Scarsdale, Chappaqua, Glen Head, White Plains & Manhattan, New York

When you find yourself looking for new tenants, you want to find good ones that will take good care of your property during their contract. To find trustworthy tenants, you will need the property to look as nice as possible. The professional painting crew at Curragh Painting use only the highest quality in paint options and will give your rental property the facelift it needs to attract those golden tenants. Call us today!